thttpgpd OpenPGP Keyserver

Extract a key

You can extract keys by typing in some words that appear in the userid of the key you're looking for, or by typing in the keyid in hex format ("0x...")


get regular index of matching keys
retrieve ascii-armored keys

Update a key

You can update a key by simply pasting in the ASCII-armored version of the key and clicking on submit.

Ludd is the first implementation of an OpenUDC node. It should then accept only valid "udid2".
Thttpgpd is the same thing as Ludd, but compiled without OpenUDC support.

Both are so HTTP servers with such OpenPGP features: In a near future, they should support: Ludd should also be able to keep synchronized with other instances, following the OpenUDC specifications.

The original aims of OpenUDC was to develop a decentralized and human based crypto-currency.
You can learn more about OpenUDC at  

thttpgpd/0.3.9 30Apr2020 - Git repository: